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2 x Plant Based Burgers pack (2 patties)

The original plant-based offering…the BURGER!
Grab your favourite toppings and build an epic burger, or simply eat on its own with a compliment of vegetables.
Delicious no matter how you serve it!!


2 x Breaded Cutlets (schnitzel) pack (2 pieces)

Try our golden breaded plant-based schnitzel. It has everything you expect from a schnitzel – crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside.


2 x Garlicky Chick-un Kiev pack (2 pieces)

This family favourite is making a comeback, oozing with a vegan buttery garlic filling, perfect for a midweek meal.

2 x Chick-un Nuggets (12 pieces per pack, total 24 pieces)

Quick, easy and convenient for family meals or snacks.
The kids will LOVE them and so will you!
Perfect on their own or dip them in your favourite sauce.

4 x Sweet Chili Chick-un Tenders (5 pieces per pack, total 20 strips)

Our Tenders are truly versatile, easy to prepare and full of flavour. These tasty treats will definitely keep bringing you back for more. 

2 x PB Snack Bomb (2 bites per pack, Total 4 bites)

Craving something energizing? Our PB Snack Bombs are designed to cure that craving, without doing much effort.

2 x Cocoa Snack Bomb (2 bites per pack, Total 4 bites)

For an energizing pure healthy chocolate paradise, get this amazing treat. Great for lunch and a snack while hiking.